Halloween Fun at St. John’s

Residents and staff from at all of the St. John’s campuses celebrated Halloween this year with a variety of fun events. From costume cocktail parties and pumpkin decorating contests to a Trick-Or-Treat Extravaganza with Rochester Institute of Technology students, the spooky season was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Brickstone’s Wintergarden was filled with residents donning costumes and sipping on cocktails.

See the fun at Brickstone by St. John’s Costumes and Cocktails party here


Take a look at the creative pumpkin designs from St. John’s Home and St. John’s Meadows


More from St. John’s Home Trick-Or-Treat Extravaganza


Not to be outdone, the St. John’s Green House Homes had a party of their own!

Explore the costumes of St. John’s Meadows here


The St. John’s Green House Homes in Penfield had a party of their own! Click here to see the photos!















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