St. John’s Signs AARP Employer Pledge

St. John’s has proudly signed the AARP Employer Pledge. Doing so recognizes the value of experienced workers and our commitment to hiring an age-diverse workforce. The AARP Employer Pledge Program encompasses a nationwide group of employers . As a group, we understand that a multigenerational workforce is good for workers of all ages. It creates a strong pipeline of talent, protects business continuity and taps into new resources to address labor shortages.

In addition to employers’ need for talent in a tight labor market, it makes great business sense to hire experienced workers, as noted in A Business Case for Workers Age 50. Experienced workers offer many of the attributes that employers look for:

• 81% of workers age 55+ are motivated, exerting extra effort and contributing more than is normally required in their job

• 65% of employees 55+ are engaged in their jobs

• 79% of workers 55+ are curious about and interested in increasing their tech skills

• 81% of workers 55+ are able to keep up with technology

In addition, employers believe workers 55+ offer many other benefits:

• 87% believe they are a valuable resource for training and mentoring

• 82% believe they have more knowledge, wisdom and life experience

• 69% believe they are more responsible, reliable and dependable

• 59% believe they are more adept at problem solving

Bottom line? Diversity makes organizations stronger and better prepared to flourish in today’s business climate. St. John’s is proud to be part of this nationwide commitment to experienced workers and a diverse workforce.

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