Our Lady of Mercy School Reunion at St. John’s

St. John’s Meadows is home to people from all over. The melting pot of resident backgrounds is part of what has helped create such a vibrant community.

It is also a wonderful opportunity when residents from the same area reconnect after decades apart. That is exactly what Pat Seischab thought when she reached out to the Our Lady of Mercy School Alumnae Department. Seischab’s plan was to hold a reunion luncheon at St. John’s Meadows for residents who graduated from the school throughout the years.

Twelve women from various graduating classes gathered for the luncheon.

Twelve women gathered for a lunch at St. John’s Meadows, many speaking with each other at length for the first time, thanks to this newly discovered connection. Seischab opened the luncheon with rallying words, “Once a Mercy girl, always a Mercy girl.” And, before long, comradery and school pride broke the ice towards an afternoon filled with conversation. The women shared school anecdotes like how “odd” it was to have proms and dances when it was just all girls at the school or how their uniform jumpers were dry clean-only. A few of the women quipped that they suffered through some clothing mishaps after not following that instruction!

The women also shared which year they graduated and the parish from which they came. Some even brought their respective class’s vignette. The lunch hosted women from the following graduating classes: 1945, ’46, ’51, ’53, ’55, ’60, ’67, ’68, ’76, and ’77.

Residents brought their respective graduating class’s vignette book, which were similar to traditional yearbooks.

As the afternoon progressed, many of the women learned they had many similarities. Some walked the same route to school or pursued similar careers. Others mentioned that they sent their own children to Our Lady of Mercy.

Each guest received a Mercy scarf and many agreed that they are excited to gather for more events like this reunion luncheon.

See photos from the luncheon here.

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