Korean War Veterans Gather for Special Celebration

Ed Crosby in 2023
Ed Crosby in the early 1950s

The Korean War effectively ended 70 summers ago with a cease-fire signed by North Korea, South Korea, and their allies. Aligned with South Korea against their communist enemies to the north, the United States lost nearly 40,000 troops with over 100,000 others wounded.

While the Korean War is often referred to as the “Forgotten War,” a special group of St. John’s residents gathered this week to remember their part in the conflict and consider its significance seven decades after its end.

Four residents who served during the war in either the United States Army or Navy joined two surviving spouses of Korean War veterans for a small luncheon at St. John’s Meadows that was several months in the making.

Resident Ed Crosby coordinated with the social recreation team to organize the special event, even presenting black and white and color photos taken during his service on the Korean Peninsula. Crosby’s slideshow included photos of himself and his brothers-in-arms, as well images of local landscapes, villages, basecamp, troop inspections, and USO programs featuring American celebrities from the early 1950s. Other attendees shared their own experiences from the war in an intimate gathering catered by dining services.

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