Resident Shares Love of Photography

“Photography brings out all the creativity I have,” says David Rice.

David with one of his photographs featured in a St. John’s resident art gallery.

The St. John’s resident says he has always taken pictures but never got serious about it until 30 years ago.

“The St. John’s location helps a lot. I’ve always taken a lot of pictures in Highland Park which is nearby,” he explains.

David moved into St. John’s Meadows 11 years ago with his wife and “sweetheart” Doris, who passed away in 2020.

David says photography has always given him something to do, which helped him immensely while his wife was at St. John’s Home in her final months.

“I am a loner,” says David. “Except for my cat, but I don’t need people to go out and take pictures. “

David lives in one of the cottages at St. John’s Meadows and says he finds himself “doing lot of walking on the Highland Crossing Trail and just around Songbird Pond.” He adds that Songbird Pond is directly behind his residence which “helps a lot.”

By David Rice

The photographer says he always shoots digitally and finds himself particularly drawn to nature shots. “I don’t take many ‘people pictures,’ mostly what you would call nature shots,” he says.

“I am a certified waterfall freak,” says David. “My license plate even says ‘H20FALL’.”

“My photography advice would be the same as my life advice to anyone,” says David. “Look at the subject/situation/problem from as many sides as you can; don’t settle for the first thing that occurs to you.”

He also adds that camera phones are great for aspiring photographers. “Don’t think you can’t take good pictures with one of those,” he says. “I use my iPhone more and more for my pictures even though I have a couple of ‘regular’ cameras.”

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