Resident Praises Staff During Rehab Stay

Elizabeth “Betty” Froelicher had heard many good things over the years about the rehabilitation care provided at St. John’s Home through her friends. As a result, St. John’s has been “top on her list.” This past winter, Betty saw firsthand what St. John’s has to offer.

Elizabeth Froelicher (front) and her family

Betty entered St. John’s rehabilitation care in early March due to a hip fracture and resulting replacement surgery. Her stay continued for nearly seven weeks and she said “everyone was just marvelous.”

Betty underwent extensive occupational and physical therapy during her stay. And though it was “really tough work,” Betty said the staff and employees “really did make a difference.”

“Everyone was professional and made it comfortable for me and my children, it was wonderful,” explained Betty. “The encouragement of the staff got me moving from one step to another. They got me going with their little pushes and shoves.”

Betty was so impressed with the care she received that she wrote eight Merit Grams. Merit Grams give residents, family members, and St. John’s employees a way to spotlight and show gratitude towards a St. John’s employees who embodies our brand characteristics and helps residents “embrace living.” When asked what compelled Betty to write so many Merit Grams, she said “they deserve it.”

We asked Betty and her family if anyone in particular from her stay at St. John’s stood out to her now that it has been a month after being discharged home. Betty’s daughter chimed in and said, “we loved Chanel!”

Betty replied with a laugh, “oh yes, we loved Chanel.”

Chanel Collington is an aide working on the fifth floor who has been with St. John’s for about six months. Chanel said she loves working at St. John’s. “My floor especially,” says Chanel, “because I can experience different types of people that come in, different personalities, and most just need someone to connect with.”

Chanel seems to have done a great job at connecting and making rehab guests feel welcomed. Betty described her as “a beautiful little gal with so much energy.”

Chanel Collington with her Merit Gram from Betty

Chanel mentioned that she does not do what she does for the praise, but because it is her “duty to help.” As she puts it: “It is rewarding. And when [a rehab guest] does thank me, it shows me that they like the way I work and perform my duty.”

Betty said she could go “on and on about everyone” who helped her at St. John’s. She mentioned she would “recommend St. John’s, immensely, for the care.”

“Just a humongous thank you to the extraordinary staff,” Betty said, with gratitude and smile.



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