St. John’s Offers an Accessible and Updated Senior Housing Experience

Senior housing and independent living communities have become more accessible and look different than they did in the past. For most people whose family homes have become cumbersome due to repair and home maintenance needs or for those who become burdened with health issues in their later years, joining a community with health care options available begins to look more appealing for many reasons.

In a recent Rochester Business Journal article “Baby boomers are easing into senior living communities,” Patti Singer wrote, “Moving to a senior community doesn’t have to be the reaction to a crisis. It can come while you’re in the peak of health and can be a way to enjoy life.”

St. John’s Community Representative Manager Stephanie Krebbeks told Singer that many older adults do not appreciate the possibilities and benefits of living in a senior community until they actually move into one. “Everyone says why didn’t I do this sooner?” Krebbeks said.

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Read the full Rochester Business Journal article (pages 6 and 8) online (for subscribers only): Baby boomers are easing into senior living communities

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