‘Big Ideas’ to Combat Staffing Challenges Featured in McKnight’s Long-Term Care

When St. John’s Vice President of Work Life Dean Moore has something important to say, he moonlights as a guest columnist for McKnight’s Long-Term Care News to share his insights with a larger audience.

Moore’s latest piece was published this week: Big ideas to solve the nursing home staffing crisis – Guest columns – McKnight’s Long-Term Care News (mcknights.com)

The April 3, 2023 column addresses the staffing challenges faced by nursing homes across the country; though he points out that employers in many other industries are up against similar issues. Moore does well to identify these challenges with relatable context and he does not stop short of providing solutions. He offers at least two viable ways to improve conditions through public policy initiative and suggests more “creative and brave people with policy-making responsibilities to take the initiative” in an effort to bring greater impact across the long-term care industry.

“There are no shows currently on Netflix called anything like Chicago Nursing Home or Nursing Assistant Legends,” Moore says in the column. “We are proud to work in this industry, and the work is honorable. However, the perception is that while the work is fine, it gives you no reason to brag to your friends.”


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