‘Friends of Mount Hope’ Care for St. John’s Plot in 2022

A significant part of St. John’s history was given some additional love and attention this year.

“The Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery put a lot of time and treasure into renewing the St. John’s section in Mount Hope this past season,” says Patricia Corcoran, President of the nonprofit organization tasked with restoring, preserving, and encouraging public use of the historic Victorian cemetery in Rochester, New York.

“As a result,” Corcoran says, “this summer all the gravestones were straightened in the St. John’s plot, and a garden was planted and maintained around the main stone.” Corcoran– a St. John’s Meadows resident since March 2022– cited her new neighbor Rev. Raymond Probst for educating her about the plot’s history as well as his previous preservation efforts. “This is an area that Reverend Ray had worked on for so many years,” says Corcoran of the longtime St. John’s Meadows resident and retired St. John’s Chaplain. “It makes him happy to know that I share his love for St. John’s, and I so enjoy his stories of yesteryear,” she says. “He is truly a saint in our midst.”

The St. John’s plot is located in the western part of Mount Hope Cemetery, near the Civil War monument.

Learn more about the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery.



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