St. John’s Responds to Industry Challenges with Innovative Practices

While long-term care staffing challenges are being felt across the country, St. John’s has implemented new ways of addressing the resulting shortages, not to mention a more competitive landscape for recruitment efforts.

St. John’s Vice President of Work Life Dean Moore told the Rochester Business Journal that, not surprisingly, it is the open nurse and nurse’s aide positions that remain priorities for recruiters, and that those “health care specific jobs that are the most difficult to fill.” Still, St. John’s has met these recruiting challenges by raising wages and using more strategic approaches to targeting potential employees.

New marketing approaches have helped stimulate recruitment efforts, resulting in St. John’s continuing to attract top talent in the industry. “We’re using the general marketing principles on the recruitment side,” said St. John’s Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Lesinski. In particular, digital marketing tactics that build a demographic profile of potential employees are helping reach these prospective workers more frequently and efficiently. “We need to really speak to the people who are most likely to come and do the jobs that we have to offer,” Lesinski added.

Read the full RBJ article in the November 11, 2022 issue, or at the following link (page 7): RBJ Senior Living & Long-term Care Service Directory | Rochester Business Journal

Recognizing Current Worker Contributions

Moore also talked about working more closely with current employees and harnessing the power of the St. John’s workforce in continuing recruitment and retention efforts. An example of this shift towards internal promotion of job fairs and other activities is this flyer encouraging employees to help spread the word about the November 16 recruitment event:

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