Speak2 Brings Worry-Free Amazon Alexa Experience to Residents

August 3, 2022 (Rochester, NY)–As part of a program initiated during the pandemic and focused on connecting nursing home residents to loved ones through smart device technology, St. John’s held trainings sessions offered by Speak2 today with residents, families, and staff members. With program expansion restrictions caused by the pandemic lessening, St. John’s plans to purchase Speak2 devices for residents across St. John’s Home based on eligibility, including extending this amenity to rehabilitation services consumers as part of their stay. Currently, approximately 30 residents have either speaker-based (Echo Dot) or screen-based devices (Echo Show) operational within their rooms as based on resident/family request and management ability.

According to Speak2, there are many advantages to managed devices versus residents or families buying products directly. A number one concern regarding smart devices is ensuring privacy. “Your loved one’s data are completely protected. These are not personal devices. Speak2, St. John’s, and Amazon do not collect or store data,” says Jillian Guerra, Speak2 Chief Difference Maker.

Features like reminders, alarms and timers; weather, trivia, and music; as well as accessing dining and activities calendars; are available through the Amazon Alexa-enabled Speak 2 devices. Easy to use instruction sheets for onboarding new residents, troubleshooting, and featured Alexa skills are provided to residents and their families upon sign up. According to Speak2, perhaps one of the most valuable features to families in connecting with their loved ones, is the ability to load within each resident’s device a personal set of contacts. “Residents can make and receive calls, as well as send and receive messages, with their Alexa devices. All by just using basic speaking commands,” says Guerra.

Next steps in the roll-out plan will be to identify current St. John’s Home residents/families not yet using Speak2 devices to inquire about the interest in accessing this available, no-cost benefit. “We are excited about the expansion of this popular program to serve even more residents,” says Jennifer Lesinski, St. John’s Vice President of Marketing, who noted previous media attention St. John’s received for this innovation when it was first launched.

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