John Kucko Names St. John’s as One of 2023 Calendar Charities

Rochester, NY–St. John’s is one of only two charities (Foodlink is the other) that will receive proceeds from the pre-sales of the 2023 New York Scenes Calendar as announced by John Kucko, local regional media personality, via his Facebook page @JohnKuckoDigital on Saturday, June 18. Pre-sales officially opened following the social media announcement and supporters of St. John’s are directed to the online order page, where a selection can be made to direct proceeds to St. John’s.

John Kucko has been using his passion of photography to drive awareness for local sites around Rochester, NY. His public support has grown to include loyal purchasers of an annual calendar featuring some of John’s best photographs from the previous year and followers of a Facebook page with a notable fan-base.

Each year, portions of the proceeds from the sale of the calendars go to a local charity. “Senior living communities, specifically nursing home residents and staff members, have been among some of the hardest hit during the pandemic,” says Charlie Runyon, St. John’s President and CEO. “A St. John’s partnership with Omnidon Productions, Inc. provides the opportunity to give much-needed emotional, social, and financial support and recognition for the healthcare heroes and vulnerable senior citizens most severely impacted over the past two years (and still fighting the fight), ”

“We are grateful for this incredible gesture of support by John Kucko Digital and look to the community for their participation in the pre-sales effort,” says Jennifer Lesinski, St. John’s Vice President of Marketing.

According to Omnidon Productions, Inc., the company supporting development of the annual calendars, the 2023 calendars will be printed in September and pre-order deliveries will be made in October. More than $110,000 has been donated to charity in the three years since the first annual calendar was produced.

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