Brickstone Resident’s Unique Display Featured in Hobby Magazine

When Tom and Anne Barker moved into a townhouse at Brickstone by St. John’s in late 2019, they made sure their new home had enough room to accommodate a rather large hobby Tom had been engaged in for decades.

This month, Tom’s unique model train display is featured in Classic Toy Trains magazine in an article titled “A New Layout for an S Gauge Lifer.” The 4-page article includes photos taken by Tom of his large display of model trains located at the top of the stairs of the Barker’s 2-story home.

Read the July/August 2022 issue here, with a subscription or trial subscription.

The Barker’s Train Display, 2022

The article explains how Tom put aside his childhood interest in the hobby for a time, but picked it back up around the time his daughter and son were born in the early 1970s. Ever since, Tom’s passion has been a family affair for his children and grandchildren alike to share and enjoy.

As for his current display, the article states that “Tom’s wonderful tribute the heyday of American Flyer modelling remind him of the 4×8-foot layout he constructed with his father more than 70 years ago.”

The Barkers moved to Brickstone from their home in nearby Webster, New York.

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