Nurses Week 2022 featured on WHAM 13

WHAM 13 showcased a story highlighting Nurses Week earlier this week that St. John’s pitched with the intended focus of recognizing and thanking our dedicated team at St. John’s through the lens of St. John’s Home Assistant Director of Nursing Julie Wood.

Many of Julie’s notable quotes about the incredible team here that were captured from an over hour of taping by the WHAM videographer did not all make the cutting room floor; however, St. John’s is pleased with the positive coverage for staff members. All of the St. John’s nurses who support our residents can be proud of the work they do and how this piece is a tribute to all of their efforts.

“Oftentimes, not just here, but in the hospitals, home care, wherever nurses possibly are, they’ve had to endure long hours, often times working short-staffed, filling in for families and visitors who weren’t able to be here. Truly the nurses were the frontline staff,” Wood said as part of the piece.

Wood, who has been a nurse for 36 years, is just one of the many nurses recognized this week at St. John’s during National Nurses Week 2022.

View the complete coverage on WHAM 13 here:

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