Senior communities work to be more diverse, inclusive, and accessible

With the nation’s senior population at its largest and most diverse point in history, senior housing communities, which mirror the nation at large, are also looking different these days. In Rochester, many local providers are sharing ways they are working to be more diverse, inclusive, and accessible in their policies, programming, and staffing.

St. John’s Vice President of Skilled Nursing Nate Sweeney was among the thought leaders sharing his perspective in a Rochester Business Journal article on the topic entitled “Senior living communities consider how to be more diverse, inclusive, accessible,” which published in the April 22 issue on page 8.

Sweeney stressed that “one of the most important decisions older adults make is where to live and for the LGBTQ population, an added stress is finding a place that’s friendly and accepting.”

Creating an environment that welcomes and respects diversity, includes celebrating religious and cultural holidays through meals and events, ensuring artwork in the facility is inclusive and providing faith services in both English and Spanish are just some of the ways, St. John’s is working to be more inclusive according to Sweeney.

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