Local Technology Instructor Returns in 2022 for “Digital Spring Cleaning”

St. John’s held the first virtual webinar of the return in 2022 of its popular Technology Tuesdays Series on Tuesday, March 1.  This series had the special focus of “Digital Spring Cleaning,” with all topics related to organizing your online life. The topic for the first webinar of the series was Everything Email and registrations reached an all-time high of 81. With technology instructor Daniel Jones as the featured speaker, no one signed off disappointed due the quality and rich content of the session.

The high level topics covered in the session included some of the email basics that are a good review for all, including how email works and a list of common terms. Daniel Jones then went through how emails are crafted and sent, including the use of blind copy and email signatures. The differences between cloud email and its antiquated predecessor, server-based email, were also discussed.

The overview of “emoticons” and “emojis” was helpful, especially when communicating with the younger generation. Use of the wrong emoji (and sentiment) may turn an electronic conversation in an undesired direction! LOL

Tackling the online “cleaning” topic, which is the focus of the series, the content area of organizing your emails using multiple email addresses and folders was covered. Some safety basics, such as spotting spam, were also touched upon. However, Daniel Jones offers other courses, such as Internet Safety, that deal more directly with this topic.

Sharing this type of instruction with seniors is nothing new to instructor Daniel Jones. Jones is an independent consultant/instructor based in Rochester, NY,  who provides both private in-home one-on-one instruction, as well as small-size courses and seminars at various community centers, independent living and assisted living communities. Jones has developed computer, internet and digital technology programs for Lifespan’s Lily Café and Senior Options For Independence (SOFI) at Fairport Baptist Homes. He has also taught courses and seminars through LifespanValley ManorOasis InstituteCrimson Ridge MeadowsThe Summit at BrightonBaywinde, Eastside YMCAPerinton Community Center, and The Highlands At Pittsford.

St. John’s is pleased to have brought Jones back in, not only for this webinar series, but he also serves as an instructor for our senior residents at St. John’s Meadows and Bricktsone by St. John’s, both for individual lessons and large group events.

If you are in need of an “online cleanup,” there is still time to register for the next two webinars in our Technology Tuesdays Series – Digital Spring Cleaning. Click here to register before Tuesday, March 8.

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