13 WHAM Shines Light on Love Found at St. John’s Meadows

St. John’s Meadows residents Reva Sipser and Don Bogdanski sat down with 13 WHAM news on Valentine’s Day to share the story of how they met and the love that grew from there.

The romance stemmed from activities at St. John’s Meadows that encourage social interaction between neighbors, allowing the pair to meet. As Don put it, “we have activities here that we both attended and somehow or another decided we would try to have some activities outside of here, and we started dating.” Some activities they both enjoy today are exercise classes, watching movies together, and of course, finding the best garbage plate spot in town.

Reva and Don are one of several couples that have met during their time at St. John’s Meadows. “It is a blessing to find a partner at this age and this time of our life,” said Reva.

To watch the full interview with Reva and Don, click here.

To read more about the couple’s story, click here.


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