St. John’s Finding Unique Ways to Help Residents Live Independently

Older adults are planning ahead—sometimes years in advance—for the lifestyle they hope to enjoy later in life. And senior living providers like St. John’s are working to make the transition to senior housing easier by offering services and support to meet day-to-day and intermittent needs of prospective residents.

St. John’s Vice President of Senior Housing Tony Zaccaglino shared some of the unique ways St. John’s helps independent living residents successfully age in place in this week’s Rochester Business Journal. He spoke at length about the elder advocate role at St. John’s Meadows and how this busy department expanded to 2 full-time employees in 2021. “With residents trying to stay in independent living longer, we definitely listened to the need to grow in that position,” Zaccaglino said.

To read “Active older adults must decide where, how they want to live” on the RBJ website, click here. The article also appears in the January 28, 2022 print issue.

More from the article:

The two full-time resident advocates at the Meadows and Brickstone are among the busiest staffers on the campus of St. John’s independent living facilities, Zaccaglino said.

St. John’s also has arranged services such as a blood lab, geriatrics doctor and physician assistant, physical therapy and podiatrist to be offered on the campus. The advocates can help residents arrange appointments.

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