Fine Art Miracles Happening at St. John’s

Fine Art Miracles is a program that strives to bring art to older adult populations in nursing homes and other congregate settings. They come to St. John’s Home on a monthly basis to first educate participating residents about a famous work of art before giving them the tools to attempt something similar. As a result of this successful program, residents express themselves by creating original works of their own.

Melissa Olson runs the Fine Art Miracles program locally in the Rochester area. As she told 13WHAM earlier this week from St. John’s Home, residents “can be totally free to create, with no judgements, no expectations. In Melissa’s words, resident-participants can “just have fun.”

St. John’s resident Dan Seils has been participating in this special art offering since it was introduced here this year. “I think it’s great,” says Seils, while also promoting the social benefits of programs like Fine Art Miracles.  “(We get) the feelings of togetherness and belonging with people with haven’t been grouped with for a long time.”

Learn more about Fine Art Miracles.


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