The Hawthorne Delivers a Truly Unique Assisted Living Experience

National Assisted Living Week (September 12-18, 2021) gives us with the perfect opportunity to discuss the outstanding service (and value) residents benefit from at the Hawthorne at St. John’s Meadows.

The Hawthorne offers a distinctively intimate setting for residents in need of support with activities of daily living. While it certainly stands out as one of the smallest assisted living programs in the Rochester area, the community is truly unique in a number of different ways.

Nursing Experience

Residents also benefit from an array of recreational programs

We have hundreds of years of collective nursing experience on the Hawthorne team and all of that experience is focused on never more than 42 residents,” explains Kristen Patton,  assisted living administrator at St. John’s. “Nurses are on every shift and pass all of our medications and treatments,” she adds.

This collection of seasoned nurses at the Hawthorne leads a resident care team that focuses on providing consistent, accessible care. Caregiver assignments are scheduled in a way that breeds familiarity; with the same staff knocking on resident’s doors to help with medication management, bathing assistance, and other daily and intermittent needs. This familiarity leads to a better care environment. “It is not uncommon for a staff person to report a change on an elder before the resident even notices it themselves,” says Patton.

Future Needs Do Not Cost More

The St. John’s model of assisted living features no additional costs for needing increased support. Commonly referred to as levels of care, these additional charges can add up when care needs increase. As Patton explains, this is never a worry at the Hawthorne. “I would also say residents and families find great value in our all-inclusive pricing,” she says. St. John’s does not charge more per shower or when a resident needs an insulin injection or incontinence care as his/her health status changes. “Our residents here could call us 4-5 times a day or an infinite number of times and as long as we can meet their needs at this level of care it is all included,” adds Patton.

This flat rate for services at the Hawthorne includes Enhanced Assisted Living. Licensed as an EALR (Enhanced Assisted Living Residence), the Hawthorne is structured in a way that often allows for people to stay and age in place, without the need to move to a higher level of care unnecessarily. For some residents, this can delay the need to move to a nursing home. Again, the services provided through the Hawthorne’s Enhanced Assisted Living licensure never come with an extra cost.

Part of a Spectrum of Senior Services

If and when a nursing home is needed, St. John’s offers two skilled nursing options—St. John’s Home and the St. John’s Green House Homes in nearby Penfield, New York.  Additionally, because the Hawthorne is part of St. John’s Meadows, residents benefit from increased access to exceptional programming options and clubs alongside independent living residents.

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