St. John’s New Commercial Welcomes “Change”

St. John’s announces the launch of a new commercial campaign recently created (in partnership with Dixon Schwabl) to drive services utilization and brand awareness for St. John’s full spectrum of services across all stakeholder groups. The 30-second video spot (and a 15-second version), A Welcome Change, will be used in St. John’s television, social media, and digital advertising  beginning in September.

A present theme within the commercial is that “change can be good, especially when it honors individuals and allows them to embrace life as they choose.” In this time of on-going change brought about by the pandemic, we are hopeful that this positive perspective on change will resonate.

Read a description of the commercial and view it on YouTube with the below link.


For many older adults, there comes a time when change is desired or needed. But taking that step can seem daunting when we’re set in the ways and surroundings we know. The vibrant and accommodating St. John’s communities help turn uncertainty into readiness with a comfortable ease of transition and continuity of care for seniors at every stage of life. This is the time and place to open yourself up to new opportunities tailored to stimulate engagement, feed curiosity and inspire ongoing growth. A welcome change to fully embrace living.

Watch the commercial here:

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