Moving is On Their Minds: New Talk Helps Senior Adults Streamline the Process

There was a large number of movers in 2020 due to the pandemic, but a key finding from the Neighbor 2020-2021 American Migration Report reveals that 21% more people plan to move in 2021 than moved in 2020. Among the groups to see a large spike this year is senior adults, many who put off their move plans during the pandemic due to the perceived risks of residing in senior living communities prior to widespread vaccination.

Howard Hanna Realtor and owner of Caring Transitions of Rochester, Karen Menachof, spoke to a group of prospective senior “movers” this week at Brickstone of St. John’s Wintergarden. She began by asking for the top concerns/sources of anxiety when considering downsizing from the family home into independent living. Some adults in the audience had been in their home for more than 50 years with many things to consider in anticipation of a transition of this magnitude.

Among the topics covered in the free talk for friends of St. John’s were packing/preparing for the move, dealing with items that will not be moved, and selling a home. Attendees were given tips to carry out some of these activities by themselves as well as guidance for how to select a consultant to help with any one or all of these pieces of the process.

After a full hour of valuable tips, laughter, and good questions from the audience, it was clear that the session could have gone on for hours. St. John’s sales representatives were on hand following the event to take interested prospective “movers” through the one bedroom apartments on special right now at St. John’s Meadows independent living community. For more details on this limited offer to get move in expenses paid and a gift card for amenities, look at the flyer here.

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