WROC Speaks with St. John’s Resident on Pets Lessoning the Effects of Senior Isolation

One of the largest pandemic obstacles faced by seniors are feelings of isolation, especially over the winter months. Thanks to our pet friendly policy at St. John’s independent living facilities, many residents have combatted feelings of isolation by spending time with their pet.

Brickstone by St. John’s resident Nancy Damore spoke with WROC about her experience stating, “I was comfortable, I love my apartment and the cat was part of it, just having company it’s like having a roommate.”

Others were inspired by the pandemic to adopt an animal. Tony Zaccaglino, Director of Operations at St John’s explains that, “some residents did go out and get pets since this, you could see their whole mood and demeanor change since they got that companion.”

Anyone who has owned a pet can speak to the love and comfort they bring to a home. For those that have been considering adopting, Lollypop Farm is offering seniors over the age of 60 free adoption for animals over the age of 6. This helps older pets to find the homes they’re looking for.

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