St. John’s Discusses Changing Role of Social Workers on “Good Day Rochester”

As we reflect on the past year, it is important to note the pandemic’s impact on the role of social workers in long-term care. When the doors of St. John’s Home closed in March 2020, our social workers did not hesitate to step up to the plate. They now act as a liaison between residents and their loved ones through countless phone calls, video chats, and the implementation of Soundmind technology.

St. John’s Director of Social Work Stacey Hall and St. John’s Social Worker Carlie Bartleson spoke to these changes on Thursday, March 18 on Fox Rochester’s morning program “Good Day Rochester.”

“At St. John’s, the social work team has really stepped up to take on the roles and responsibilities that family members had in person. Things like helping people unpack, being a bigger support than we were in the past, and having more regular contact. Helping families connect with the residents that live here in ways that we’ve never had to do before,”  says Hall.

To watch the full segment with Stacey Hall and Carlie Bartleson, click here.



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