Seniors Learn About Digital TV From Local Technology Instructor

St. John’s held the first virtual webinar of the return of its popular Technology Tuesdays Series on Tuesday, March 16.  The topic was TV Today as part of the series theme of Digital Media Madness and the crowd was larger, with 73 seniors hoping to learn a trick or two from local technology instructor Daniel Jones about the many options for watching TV in this multi-screen age.

Jones started out the webinar by providing a walk down memory lane for attendees with a look at the historical progression of television models starting with the no longer available cathode ray tube (CRT). He moved quickly through the decades and the types of innovations that led consumers from CRT to the LCD, LED, OLED, and QLED options available today.

Talk of the types of TVs available made way to other technological aspects of watching TV in the digital age such as resolution. Jones gave this basic tip about determining picture quality: “the higher the pixel count, the better the quality of the picture on screen.”

However, much of the content focused on the many options for watching TV today and how to successfully “cut the cord,” with different streaming options and TV viewing apps available.

Sharing this type of instruction with seniors is nothing new to instructor Daniel Jones. Jones is an independent consultant/instructor based in Rochester, NY,  who provides both private in-home one-on-one instruction, as well as small-size courses and seminars at various community centers, independent living and assisted living communities. Jones has developed computer, internet and digital technology programs for Lifespan’s Lily Café and Senior Options For Independence (SOFI) at Fairport Baptist Homes. He has also taught courses and seminars through LifespanValley ManorOasis InstituteCrimson Ridge MeadowsThe Summit at BrightonBaywinde, Eastside YMCAPerinton Community Center, and The Highlands At Pittsford.

St. John’s is pleased to have brought Jones back in, not only for this webinar series, but he also serves as an instructor for our senior residents at St. John’s Meadows and Bricktsone by St. John’s, both for individual lessons and large group events.

If you would like to get a leg up on your technology skills, there is still time to register for the next two webinars in our Technology Tuesdays Series – Digital Media Madness. Click here to register before Tuesday, March 23.

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