WROC Story Gives St. John’s Perspective on Barriers to Visitation

A few weeks have passed since the new safety guidelines were announced for nursing homes. As people begin to wonder why nursing home visitation has not expanded further, St. John’s Vice President of Skilled Nursing Services Nate Sweeney sheds some light on the obstacles still at play during an interview yesterday with News 8 WROC.

Nate points out that the reason many doors remain closed is the 14-day COVID-free rule. Although the rule was put into place to protect residents, the guidelines are too broad. In the interview, Nate mentions that, “an employee who works in the business office or is a groundskeeper would shut down visitation for the whole building even if he/she has no resident contact. If it referred to a particular floor being on quarantine that would provide a lot more access to families.”

Implementing more targeted guidelines may be key to getting families back in our doors for frequent visits while still keeping the safety of the residents and families at top of mind. The target date for expanded visitation at St. John’s Home is Thursday, March 25.

To watch the full segment with Nate Sweeney, click here.

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