The Crafty Ladies Give Back

A club of St. John’s residents was started in 2002 on the common ground of a love for crocheting and giving back to the community. They partnered with the Salvation Army and have been donating everything from hats, gloves, scarves, and even baby clothes every year since! That very same club continues today almost 20 years later and is known as the Crafty Ladies.

Over the years, every stitch has brought the group closer together, donations have increased, as did the number of ladies. Today, they are a lively bunch who gather at St. John’s Meadows and have been able to expand their donations to other organizations like Lollypop Farm, Open Door Mission, and even donating to residents that reside here at St. John’s Home. The group works year round to make large donations around the holidays and was able to donate a total of 16 large bags of items across the mentioned organizations in 2020!

In speaking to the ladies, it is clear that this is a cause they are passionate about and they are more than happy to do their part. One resident even noted that her family ran out of space for all the handmade items so it was only natural she would look to give to others in need. The sense of community and purpose in this group is evident despite the countless obstacles presented in the year 2020. We look forward to watching the Crafty Ladies continue to grow over the years and do not see this bunch slowing down anytime soon. Keep up the great work, ladies!



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