Why Do We Still Have to Wear a Mask and Face Shield?

To my colleagues at St. John’s. . .

57 newly infected residents.

26 newly infected staff members.

5 new deaths.

These are not numbers from April; these are number from this week at nursing home in an outlying county. The nursing home reports that it has enough PPE. We too have a stockpile of PPE, but we have to make sure we are using it correctly.

  • Masks must be worn anytime you are around another person anywhere in the building or are in a public space.  The exception is when you are eating.
  • Shields must be worn any time you are anywhere residents are.
  • Gowns and gloves must be worn any time you are entering a room or floor quarantined for isolation.
  • Social distance is the rule everywhere unless you are providing care to someone.
  • Good hand hygiene is everyone’s rule all of the time.

Just because these rules are simple does not make them easy.  Each day, all day, we have to continue to make the choice to do things correctly over and over and over again.

With each correct choice, we protect ourselves, our families, the residents, and the greater Rochester community.

Thank you for all that you do, today and every day!

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