Lisa Griffin Honored as an ‘Unsung Hero’

The Unsung Hero Award (UHA) was rolled out earlier this year at St. John’s, as a way to recognize individuals who go above and beyond. In addition, an individual receiving this award is to be recognized for their outstanding work due to characteristics such as humility, cooperative spirit  and genuine desire to make a difference each and every day.

Paul, as well as Tony Zaccaglino (Director of Operations), pose with Lisa and her award.

On September 15, 2020, the onlookers congregated in the Briarwood Activity Room to honor the latest recipient of the award. Paul Bartlett, vice president of senior housing, presided over the ceremony. He was joined  by Lisa Griffin, concierge at St. John’s Meadows, as the audience appreciatively clapped for her success.

“I am really proud and glad to offer this award to you,” Paul said to Lisa, before reading a list of comments that others had submitted in support of Lisa’s eligibility for the award. “Lisa Griffin, as the concierge at the Briarwood desk, is the face of St. John’s Meadows. She is the person that not only greets our guests each day, but also our vendors, our visitors, and our colleagues. She comports herself in a professional manner and is indispensable. Lisa’s discipline is wonderful and she keeps everything moving. Lisa has been a good friend for our department… she has, without prompting, recognized over-extensions of our department resources… Lisa has always been attentive, when packages are received, to ensure that they are not blocking access to common areas, while expediting delivery in a systematic manner… Never short, Lisa always comes through for me, and I’m just one of the dozens of people making requests of Lisa every day. Lisa’s world is chaotic on a good day, yet for eight hours, she hits the concierge desk running… she is my Unsung Hero.”

The audience burst into another round of applause as Paul elaborated upon Lisa’s grace, respectfulness, friendliness and kindness, other qualifying values for the award. He also praised her for her efforts to screen visitors to the building for COVID-19, and for her compassion, innovation, and willingness to help residents and colleagues with logistical and communications needs.

“Lisa, in her own unassuming way, has a wonderful sense of humor… she will laugh with you, and if you are not careful, she’ll laugh at you… Lisa, it is an honor and a privilege to give you this award today,” Paul concluded, presenting Lisa with her award as well as a gift.

If you happen to see Lisa the next time you are at the Meadows, be sure to congratulate her on an award well-deserved.

Paul Bartlett, VP of Administration, presents Lisa Griffin, Concierge at St. John's Meadows, with the Unsung Hero award. The audience watches Lisa receive the award.

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