Never A Dull Window Visit

COVID-19 has restricted much of what was once possible everywhere, but at St. John’s Home, the challenge of connecting residents to their loved ones in the outside world is especially acute. Safety protocols require St. John’s Home to allow only window visits for residents, where visitors can connect with the resident they are visiting through a window and using a phone to talk. Needless to say, this can make communication and connection difficult at a time when a sense of connection is already lacking.

But that didn’t stop Laura Myers from recently going the extra mile to create a fun window visit for her mother, Barbara Myers. Laura, along with Jacob (her 2-year-old son), treated her mother to a performance of songs, sung live through the phone by Laura and Jacob during their visit. The songs included ‘Twinkle Twinkle,’ ‘Wheels on the Bus,’ ‘ABC’ and many others.

Myers Family Window Visit
Laura Myers and her son Jacob (2) visit Laura’s mother Barbara Myers at the window of St. John’s Home.

This isn’t the first time Laura has treated her mother to a special visit. Laura and her sisters, Carol and Elizabeth, have previously pulled such stunts as showing up for a window visit in evening and bridal gowns, as well as performing a puppet show for their mother. Laura and Jacob have done singing visits for Barbara in the past as well, and the window visits are sometimes a chance to Jacob to share with his grandmother what he has recently learned in school. We trust that they’ll continue to keep things engaging for Barbara with their wonderful ideas for how to maximize precious family time.

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