A Private Concert Porchside

The negative impact of COVID-19 on seniors has been far-reaching–from the the illness’ toll on health and well-being to limits on social gatherings out in the community and family visits to senior living communities. The family of Gordon Law, or “Gordy” as he is affectionately known at the Hawthorne–St. John’s Enhanced Assisted Living community at St. John’s Meadows, decided to do something special today to bring a bit of cheer, and music, to this one very grateful senior on a sunny day in August.

Reminiscent to the days of the singing telegram, Gordy’s family hired a local muscian to deliver a special musical message via a personal concert porchside. Even though visitors are still not permitted inside the walls of the Hawthorne and similar senior living communities across the state, socially distant, outdoor visits are possible under certain criteria. So, Gordy’s family got creative.

Gordy, like many of his peers, has been missing the live entertainers that would come into the community to perform before the days of COVID-19. The trumpet is Gordy’s favorite instrument and he used to participate in the community’s choir, the Meadowlarks.

Bringing in a private musician to perform for Gordy (and providing song selections of Gordy’s choosing) outdoors at a safe distance, while he watched on his porch, was one way his family could bring back some of this fond experience.

While the idea was a bit spontaneous, the happy memories of this day are sure to last.

Watch a short video of Gordy’s musical experience below.

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