St. John’s Senior Housing Expert Talks ‘New Normal’

The COVID-19 pandemic is sure to change the landscape of many industries during the months and years to come. The senior housing industry will most certainly see operational changes in response to resident concerns.

Paul Bartlett, vice president of senior housing at St. John’s, told the Rochester Business Journal that many of those changes have already begun. “Residents are anxious and nervous and are looking for some peace of mind,” says Bartlett. He discusses some of the creative ways his team has helped ease residents’ minds in an article titled Senior Care Agencies Laser in on Boosting Morale, Safety Measures.

Bartlett also discussed efforts to communicate frequently changing guidance during the phased re-opening in the Finger Lakes region as well as fielding concerns from family members about moving to a new community during a time of a global pandemic. He also provides leadership insights for overseeing a team of dozens of professionals and making sure each department has the resources it needs to best support residents.

You can read the entire article in this week’s print edition of the Rochester business journal, or with a digital subscription by clicking here and choosing the July 10, 2020 issue.

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