Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Mastin

If you have been by the gift shop at St. John’s Home recently, you have most likely interacted with Andrew Mastin. A dedicated volunteer for the past two and a half years, Andrew assists in multiple capacities at St. John’s Home. His grandmother was a resident on the Hastings 2 neighborhood which sparked his interest in becoming a volunteer. “I am an old soul myself and I find the residents’ stories very interesting,” says Andrew.

Andrew receiving a gift at a Volunteer Recognition event.

Andrew aids in transporting residents to and from events, helps residents in the gift shop, escorts residents to the beauty shop, and attends the weekly Now We Drum music class. However, friendly one on one visits with residents create memories Andrew cherishes. Explaining he connected with four specific residents in Hastings, Andrew says, “They didn’t have a lot of family or friends visiting which is why I made a point to connect with them.” Residents and staff members agree that Andrew is integral in lifting residents’ spirits. His caring nature and desire to help residents with anything they need is admirable.

Working with seniors and staff members at St. John’s has helped shift Andrew’s perspective on aging. “I don’t mind growing older. I hope to live until at least 80, but hopefully longer,” Andrew says playfully. According to Andrew the residents, staff members, and other volunteers all contribute to the friendly and welcoming environment throughout St. John’s Home.

Outside of volunteering, Andrew works the deli counter at his local Wegmans store. He prioritizes volunteering when structuring his schedule to accommodate events and visits to St. John’s. When doing friendly visits, Andrew often brings bakery items from Wegmans to share with the residents. He creates an environment similar to grabbing coffee with a friend on the Hastings’ neighborhoods. Residents look forward to his visits and appreciate the thoughtfulness and conversation he brings to their day.

St. John’s is grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Andrew who enjoy working with residents and adding moments of joy to their lives. If you would like to learn how to volunteer in our community please contact Sandy Ferguson, volunteer coordinator at 760-1293 or on our web site here.

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