Your Gift to St. John’s Foundation—Big or Small—Makes a Difference

St. John’s Foundation is always tuned into the needs of residents and the ways donors like you can make the greatest impact. Know that whatever amount you can donate will brighten the days of residents living on neighborhoods throughout the St. John’s spectrum of care.

Just how far can your dollars go? Consider some of these options for donating and make an immediate impact:


$10 will provide a welcome bag for residents entering our rehabilitation center, making them feel more at home while they continue to recover from an injury or illness.


$35 will provide a resident with an MP3 player to enjoy music in their room or apartment, giving them the ability to listen to a custom playlist uploaded by a St. John’s team member.


$500 gives the gift of a neighborhood garden, with funds used to provide plants, shrubs, and even trees to help beautify an entire neighborhood at St. John’s Home, St. John’s Meadows, Hawthorne, Brickstone, or the Green House Homes.


$25 will supply a resident with a large-buttoned telephone, making it easier for them to connect with friends and loved ones from their room or apartment.

$50 provides two books of stamps for mailings to help residents stay better connected to the ones they care about outside of the St. John’s community.


To make a donation to St. John’s Foundation now and immediately impact residents throughout the St. John’s community, click here and tell us how you would like your gift to be used.


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