Unsung Hero Award: Amy Menz

Amy Menz, the Senior Staff Accountant at St. John’s Meadows was the first to receive the newly implemented “Unsung Hero Award.” Amy has dedicated over 20 years of service to St. John’s Meadows and is integral part of the community. Read her nomination below to understand why Amy is truly deserving of this distinguished honor.


Paul Bartlett, VP of Senior Housing, awarding Amy

“This morning when Paul mentioned about the unsung hero award and I was looking around the room, I couldn’t help but think about Amy. Anytime I have needed anything from her it is done in an instant, she gets to the bottom of things, she has great attention to detail,  she keeps her notary current to help the organization, she meets with elders at the drop of a dime to explain billing concerns/questions to them even if the resident really isn’t getting it, she is not a complainer, and no one has ever had issues with her. She took on doing a huge state report that we had to do for the first time this year without a single complaint.

She always accommodates my questions, stops whatever she is doing to help anyone, great sounding board related to financial ideas for the community, and takes time to notarize documents for residents. Amy is a single mother of two who holds another part time job. She always takes time to meet with residents to review rent statements and other invoices they may have. Amy is patient to a fault and has dedicated over 20 years of service to St. John’s.

Amy Menz is consistently responsive to any request made of her. Amy could easily be overlooked because she goes about her day without causing a fuss and instead remains focused on the behind the scenes things that have to be done.

Amy was recently presented with a DOH report that we were being requested to complete for the first time this year. Amy took on the completion of this report without complaint and began collecting the huge amount of data that the report required. Amy not only independently completed the report while still completing all of her other duties, she completed it early!

This is just one example of Amy and her drive, responsiveness, and professionalism. Anytime I have asked anything of Amy she is well informed and can answer my questions without hesitation or she has the answer at her fingertips. Amy is well respected by all members of the Meadows team, and I would love to see her awarded this honor.”

We are so grateful to have staff members like Amy who show passion and dedication to our wonderful community. Congratulations Amy, you deserve it!

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