Notes from Nate: Welcoming Neighbors

There was an announcement this past December that no one could have expected..  A neighboring nursing home had experienced a terrible flooding issue and residents would have to be evacuated immediately.  Due to our partnership with the Greater Rochester Mutual Aid Plan over the years, we were prepared, but had always hoped we would never have to run anything but a drill.

Nate Sweeney, vice president of skilled services

The St. John’s vans left our independent living community on that cold, windy morning and began transporting residents.  In response to the disaster, the staff members of St. John’s swept into action and exemplified incredible team work.

With compassion leading their hearts, St. John’s staff members ensured we were set to welcome and embrace two dozen residents whose lives had been turned upside down.  Each department went out of their way to make comfortable accommodations for our new guests. It is what all of us would want for our own residents in the event of an emergency.

The generosity did not stop after the new residents’ initial welcome. Many residents lost needed items during the flood. An Angel Tree wish list was constructed and immediately all the items listed were grabbed and fulfilled by staff, families, and friends. St. John’s is a very special place. Thank you for helping to make St. John’s a place that welcomes everyone.

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