Annual Centenarian Luncheon Celebrates 10 Residents

Ten residents with ages ranging from 100 to 103 were celebrated at the annual Centenarian Luncheon on January 22 at St. John’s Home. The celebration honored the contributions of these incredible people alongside family members and friends.

St. John’s President and CEO Charlie Ruynon commented on how the Centenarian Luncheon is one of his favorite celebrations each year. “In the years we have done this event, I’ve asked people what their secret to reaching this milestone has been,” said Runyon. “There isn’t really one common answer that I’ve heard to the question, but there are commonalities . . . One is how hard you all have worked.  Yours is a very hardworking generation. You relied on your faith, and when things got tough you relied on that faith. The other thing is that you all are humble. I see the humbleness when I have conversations with residents throughout the home and we talk about the accomplishments they have had. The last, and maybe the most important commonality is the incredible love and support you had for and from your families.”

Runyon continued about the importance of the example these ten individuals have set for others. “We need the generations coming up behind you to look at all of those great traits that you have brought, and we need to be a lot more like you. So thank you for showing us the way.”

St. John’s has hosted this celebration of residents who have eclipsed the century mark for several years now. To see WROC-TV’s coverage of the 2020 Centenarian Luncheon, click here.

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