WXXI Connections: Exploring the state of housing for older LGBTQ adults

St. John’s was proud to be part of the discussion panel for WXXI Connections that discussed housing options for the senior LGBTQ population. Nate Sweeney, St. John’s Vice President of Skilled Services, Saundra Ehman a St. John’s Meadows Resident, and Steve Jarose executive director of the National Coalition Building Institute in Rochester  spoke with host, Evan Dawson, about their experiences in the community. All three panelists have had in depth involvement in changing housing and discrimination issues both here in Rochester and across the nation.

Nate Sweeney speaking on a recent video from the Human Rights Campaign on the Long Term Care Equality Index.

According to SAGE, 48% of LGBTQ couples have faced housing discrimination. As the next generation ages and begins looking for housing, St. John’s wants to emphasize our acceptance and inclusiveness of LGBTQ seniors. Saundra said, “she feels accepted and included not only in Rochester, but specifically at St. John’s Meadows. We need to go beyond tolerance. Don’t ask ‘why are we different,’ but ‘why are we the same?'” Listen to all three of these strong human rights representatives as they share their own unique perspectives here.


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