Nursing Referral Program Spotlight: Vanmany and Lisa

Vanmany Banks and Lisa Ellis have been connected for over thirty years. After Lisa’s family sponsored Vanmany’s to escape Laos in Southeast Asia, and move to America, the families instantly bonded. Vanmany and Lisa refer to each other as cousins and Vanmany still stays in touch with Lisa’s grandparents. Thus it was no surprise that when Vanmany, RN clinical coordinator on Reservoir 5, heard Lisa was interested in making a change, she jumped at the chance to refer her to St. John’s.

Lisa and Vanmany posing together in the Hastings lobby

Vanmany says there are many reasons to refer someone to work at St. John’s. “I love it here, I love my co-workers, and the small homes model allows for genuine relationships between employees and residents.” After being a nurse for over 20 years, Vanmany smiles when proclaiming, “St. John’s is one of the top places to work as a nurse.” Her career at St. John’s will hit the three year mark this summer, and she is happy to have Lisa working on her sister floor, Reservoir 4.

Lisa begins her career at St. John’s next week and is equally excited to join the team. She will be working as a staff nurse and looks forward to creating memories like the ones Vanmany has. Reflecting on a bittersweet, yet favorite memory at St. John’s, Vanmany says, “A resident on hospice who recently passed specifically asked to see me in his final moments.” She explains her staff members called her at home with his request and she was eager to oblige. “That was a really touching moment for me, “she smiles.

Vanmany and Lisa are shining examples of our nursing referral program building talent and genuine caregivers for our residents. We are always looking to grow our team of nurses who embody our brand characteristics and have a passion for helping seniors. For more information about joining our team, please visit

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