St. John’s Joins Providers Across Rochester to Help Residents in Need

A disastrous situation at a local nursing home brought a network of care communities together to support long-term care residents last week. St. John’s was a central contributor, both in the coordination of services and providing direct care to displaced residents.

In the midst of the holiday season, St. John’s Home served as the command center for the Greater Rochester Mutual Aid Plan to coordinate logistics for the evacuation of residents at Wesley Gardens. When all was said and done, over two dozen residents were transferred to St. John’s Home. St. John’s staff worked tirelessly to make sure appropriate accommodations and support services were in place for these temporary residents. The staff even instituted a “Giving Tree” program to help provide residents with personal effects to replace items lost during the transition.

“St. John’s is continuing to work cooperatively with the Department of Health, Wesley Gardens and our leadership team to follow the Greater Rochester Mutual Aid Plan that was put into effect to support the situation. Our priority is to ensure the Wesley Gardens residents are safe and feel welcome and at home as quickly as possible. We understand how stressful it is to be displaced—especially during the holidays—so our goal is to ease that stress for the residents and their families. We’ll continue to care for these residents as long as necessary.”- Nate Sweeney, St. John’s Vice President of Skilled Services

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