St. John’s Honors Annual Tradition of Holiday Deliveries to First Responders

Specturm News captured St. John’s residents and members of the management team continuing one of the organization’s holiday traditions of delivering lunch to local first responders in their community.

The team delivered pizza and cookies to Brighton Fire Department, Brighton Police Department, and Brighton Volunteer Ambulance. “This is one of our favorite holiday traditions,” St. John’s Vice President of Senior Housing Paul Bartlett said. “We’re extremely grateful to our local first responders for being there our residents all day, every day. The opportunity to personally thank them for their service is so important to our team.”

St. John’s residents and management team smiling with the Brighton Police Department (top left), the Brighton Volunteer Ambulance (top right), and the Brighton Fire Department (bottom).

St. John’s tradition of delivering lunch to local first responders started in 2015 to thank the first responders who keep St. John’s residents safe and taken care of throughout the year. “Countless times throughout the year they respond to all of our residents’ medical needs and this is the least we can do for them,” smiles Bartlett.


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