Notes from Nate: Innovation

As the summer comes to a close I reflect on our brand characteristics that inspired me to make a move to St. John’s. Innovation is crucial in our industry to ensure our residents remain well cared for and engaged. Out of the 15,000+ nursing homes in the country St. John’s was the first nursing home in the country to take on the Green House model of care. This in itself is a huge innovation, but we pushed the concept further by building the Penfield Green House homes within a suburban community and not on a senior living campus. The Penfield Green House homes are a testament to our belief that seniors belong as close to their community as possible.

Shaping environments like these create better opportunities for our residents to flourish. Our staff members are also committed to creating new ideas and innovations to better help our residents. As an example, our Director of Nursing Diane Bogaczyk and Dementia Specialist Mimi DeVinney worked to take the foundation of a basic nursing care plan and build on top of it to create “Well Being Plans.” These help caregivers understand the root issues someone may be facing as they live with dementia in order to create better environments where residents can thrive.

Innovations do not simply happen; they emerge from dedicated individuals overcoming challenges in new ways. I am very grateful that St. John’s has so many dedicated folks willing to lead the way towards the future of care.


Photos of our residents enjoying themselves at the Penfield Green House Homes.

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