Charlie Runyon is a CEO You Should Know

When his father took a job as an accountant at a Central New York nursing home, a young Charlie Runyon was told that he would be joining dad at work. At first, Charlie was not too enthused with the idea of a summer job where he had to be indoors wearing a tie instead of working outside with his friends. However, as Charlie explains, his mindset changed pretty quickly.  “Within a month, I was just captivated. It was awesome.”

Charlie recently sat down with Pauly Guglielmo as a guest on WHAM 1180‘s “CEOs You Should Know.” He shared memories of his early years growing up in a small town, his education at St. Bonaventure University, and jumping feet first into the long-term care industry. “My grandparents had all died before I was born so I didn’t have a grandparent,” says Charlie about what initially intrigued him about working in a nursing home. “So, I literally walked in and had eighty grandparents in this place.”

Charlie shared several great stories from his career in long-term care and discussed how he ended up at St. John’s in 1992. You can hear Charlie’s “CEOs You Should Know” appearance by clicking here.

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