Notes from Nate- Compassionate

I have been lucky enough to share my thoughts with you this past year about the St. John’s Brand Characteristics and how I have seen them in action. I will be sharing some observations about the Brand Characteristic of Compassionate. Each day there are acts of compassion between staff and residents; in providing care, in connecting, and in expanding choices. Compassion often happens in small moments, but these moments make up a day and encompass an environment. Compassion is seen sharing a peaceful prayer together, the patience to complete a task, or pausing with someone to be present in a challenging moment. One place where compassion truly shines at St. John’s during the difficult time of end-of-life. Certainly none of us know when our time will end, but for seniors who have entered into hospice or end-of-life care, the likelihood of death is more pronounced. During this unnerving time, the staff at St. John’s excels at compassion.

I have encountered so many stories of staff taking extra steps to ease the transition not just for the resident, but for family and friends as well. Residents and loved ones have received kind notes, words, hugs and even personal time off of work from staff. This is one of the many reasons that we are constantly looking for new ways to show appreciation to St. John’s staff members. It takes a very special type of person to confront so much loss and yet still renew their hearts to open again and embrace a new journey. Finding empathy for suffering and the will to find solutions to ease pain requires a deep well of compassion. I am truly grateful to the renewing hearts of the entire team here and know as they support and surround a resident with love that the journey is not made alone. Death is not something we generally talk much about in society, but when you know that you are surrounded by people with compassion, some of the fears subside. Every day we seek to provide this comfort, so when the time comes, these final moments can bring peace.

Nate Sweeney- Administrator, Vice President of Skilled Services

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