Sheridan Vincent Captures Essence of Rochester at St. John’s Home Gallery

If you venture down to the Thomas Terry Art Gallery at St. John’s Home this month, you will see stunning photos on display from Rochester and the surrounding Finger Lakes region. Sheridan Vincent, the artist, began his career at a photofinishing plant and reached his ultimate goal working in the Photographic Technology Division at Kodak. He proudly displays his on-going development of photography in our gallery. ”My goal is to strive to produce photographs this will interest you with their composition, impress you with their image quality, and be even better tomorrow with what I have learned today”, states Vincent.

In 2006 he became the partner for the Image City Photography Gallery and has used this opportunity to fine tune his photography skills. Since the opening in 2005, the Gallery has hosted 158 shows and exhibited more than 800 photographers. Sheridan Vincent joins this large number of artists with a rotating exhibit every four weeks.

Having such a strong technical background in the field provides Vincent with an opportunity to pursue his passion of fine art photography. He is astounded by current photographic capabilities that allow for various forms of production as well as multiple forms of print media. Vincent states he enjoys, “Working with new materials and options for display,” which clearly shows in our gallery. St. John’s is fortunate to have such a wonderful artist showing in our gallery. If you would like to purchase any of the photos on display you can email Sandy Ferguson in Volunteer Services.


A sample of the stunning photographs



To learn more about Sheridan Vincent, click here.

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