Veterans Program with St. John’s Connections Featured Nationally

“I was drafted at age 18 in 1944. When I got the draft notice, I had to report to Madison Square Garden.”

Harold Schwartz– resident at St. John’s Meadows– certainly fit the profile of an ideal participant in Dialogues on War, a program that took shape in 2018 featuring St. John’s Fisher College students leading group conversations with veterans of 20th century wars. “We wanted to bring together intergenerational discussions about the ideas of war,” said Dr. Carolyn Vacca, head of St. John Fisher’s History department. “The idea is to spark discussions about the past– when young people could be drafted into service– and compare that to today where we have an all-volunteer force.”

Schwartz and other St. John’s residents are prominently featured in an article about this great intergenerational initiative that appears in Leading Age Magazine, a source for news in the senior living industry that reaches over 6,000 providers as well as other industry experts and older adults across the country. You can read “Intergenerational Veterans Program Keeps the Dialogue Going” by clicking here.


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