Notes from Nate

responsive adjective
re·​spon·​sive | \ ri-ˈspän(t)-siv
1 : giving response constituting a response
2 : quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically

Over the course of this next year, I will be contributing some thoughts and observations to our blog. One thing that really interested me about coming to St. John’s was the company-wide commitment to the brand characteristics, so I decided to use those as a framework for writing. In this post, I wanted to focus on the brand characteristic of being “responsive.”

One way that we strive to be responsive is to bring forth voices that we might not always hear. We try to do this by having multiple sources of information and communication available for residents, families, and staff. This past fall, we had some great growth in the response rate for our Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey. St. John’s Home Assistant Administrator Chris Minicucci was the lead for this project and shares the following information:

“St. John’s recently completed our Resident Satisfaction Survey during the month of October. We saw a significant improvement in survey participation this year versus previous year’s efforts, which has helped us identify some key areas we would like to focus on. Our number of responses increased from just 54 in 2017 to 118 in 2018. We continue to search for more efficient ways to have our survey reach more of our residents and families. A combination of offering surveys both online and in paper format proved to be more helpful this year and we will continue to do that moving forward. Another possibility for next year’s survey may be exploring the use of tablets and other technology devices.”

Overall, 73% of respondents said they would recommend St. John’s and 70% of respondents said they were satisfied with their experience. What I liked best about the survey process is that it gave us information and data down to the neighborhood level, so that each neighborhood administrator could see how their own parts of the community were doing. In such a large organization, and with such a large building, being able to respond to localized concerns and praise helps us to improve things overall for tomorrow and beyond.

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