St. John’s Rehabilitation Director Talks Industry Refocus

St. John’s Rehabilitation Director Matthew Rossman was highlighted on industry website McKnight’s Long-Term Care with his unique views on the current state of rehab services offered at skilled nursing facilities in New York State. Rossman– who has worked with older adults as a physical therapist for over 15 years– brought an interesting perspective on how therapies are and should be delivered as a featured columnist in this extended piece.

“At St. John’s Home, we prefer to work with residents in their own environments,” said Rossman. “We work with residents in their rooms, where they can take on real challenges they experience in their everyday life. This is a more comfortable environment for residents to focus on their unique, evolving needs and challenges.” Rossman continued to discuss the importance of bringing non-therapy staff into the fold. “This gives the Shahbaz a familiarity with the treatment plan also when our rehab team steps back they can continue providing tailored care as well as monitoring residents for any changes.”

Read Matthew Rossman’s expert column on McKnight’s by clicking here.


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