Understanding Today’s Technology with Daniel Jones

A new program at St. John’s Meadows offers technology tips for seniors wishing to learn more about their computers, smart phones, and other devices. Daniel Jones, an independent instructor based in Rochester, visits residents at St. John’s Meadows once a month providing them with basic computer, Internet and social networking skills to enhance their lives and keep them connected. “After over 20 years working as a successful graphic designer and creative director in the marketing/advertising world, I finally decided to scratch an itch I had for quite some time — working with older adults,” explains Daniel.

Since the fall of 2018 the seminar classes at St. John’s Meadows have grown exponentially, with more and more residents attending each month. “Dan has a way to take the fear out of something so very unknown, like a smart device, and make it interesting and fun, while  helping our seniors feel more confident with the technology that surrounds us,” explains Chantel Foster, resident life director. Daniel’s seminars prove that age is just a number and you are never too old or too young to learn something new. “To-date, my youngest student is 59, my oldest student is 102,” states Daniel. “I have found teaching this generation of adults to be the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my career.”

For 2019, Daniel plans to offer more individualized small group classes where residents can take a deeper look into understanding a specific area of interest. “He also provides one-on-one instruction and can meet in the residents’ homes and address learning with their smart devices  and any other technical needs,” says Chantel. Just last week, the popular iPad seminar brought over 60 residents together eager to learn about the device.

“I am glad that I have attended the presentations because I discovered that I really do know more than I thought I did,” states Chestnut Court resident Karyl Friedman. “It has increased my confidence enormously.” Karyl purchased her first smartphone two years ago, but had not used the device for the first three months. “It just sat in the box,” laughs Karyl. “Now I just have fun with it – I am using all the features on it.” Since the first seminar, Karyl along with other residents enjoy chatting after each class and learning from one another. “Daniel is terrific in every way; I am already signed up for the March seminar.”

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