2019 Road to Renovation

Big changes are on the horizon for St. John’s Home and renovations are well underway. In the Reservoir building, all of the neighborhoods have added a second dining room as well as new lounge furniture and wall décor. Towards the end of 2018, half of the 5th floor reservoir was renovated with updates to resident rooms. A hearth room has also been added next to the dining room. In the Hastings building, new furniture and décor were added to the lobby and fireplace lounge areas.

Future Hastings East Corridor

For 2019, renovations will continue throughout the Reservoir building as well as the ground floor. “The renovations taking place in the Reservoir building are aligned with the small homes model,” states Vice President of Corporate Strategy Joanne Braeunle. As funding becomes available, the Reservoir building renovations will continue with resident room updates. “Our foundation has also donated a significant amount of money to help fund the construction,” says Braeunle.

In anticipation of the renovations, administration offices have been relocated, with nursing administration in the transition phase. There will also be major changes to the entrance of the Hastings building, with a larger, more open welcome center expected. “Our next big effort is the implementation of the first phase of the ground floor community center,” explains Braeunle. “While there will be some inconveniences and rerouting, the end product will be worthwhile –there will be increased resident space to get together with family.”

Future Hastings Welcome Area

Future renovations include new furniture and finishes in the Hastings and South buildings, an exterior patio area in front of the Hastings entrance, and parking lot updates. New access gates have been installed in the parking lots with proximity sensors that will improve traffic flow and improve parking for visitors. Following this implementation, St. John’s plans to resurface the Highland Avenue parking lot. “We have been working on our small home master renovation plan for several years, focused primarily on our residential neighborhoods,” states Braeunle. “The Community Center on the ground floor will be an amenity for everyone to enjoy—residents, family members, staff and community visitors. We are very excited to begin this next phase!”

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